24 May

Whirlpool is one of the best Brands of electronic goods that manufactures all household items like Washing machine, Refrigerator, Microwave Oven, RO water Purifier and air conditioner. There are millions of users connected with this brand and are happy with it.  Whirlpool is actually an American company and quite famous globally also. It was founded in 1911 by Saint Joseph of Michigan and now it has millions of customers worldwide.

 They also provide good customer care services to its customers. There are several ways customers can reach the customer care and managers. They have fixed a toll-free number for all regions for customer support and along with this also set-up their customer services in many cities.Customers can reach them by sending them an email or contact them on individual city wise customer care numbers. Customers can directly reach them on their service center addresses for their query, complaint or feedback.

Many people wonder what to do when they got any wrong product or product with faults from whirlpool. This is the time when they should use customer care service and inform them about their issue. Here is why and how we should reach Whirlpool Customer Care:

To avail the benefit of Customer service:

People normally are not aware of the advantages of a customer care. The whirlpool customer care provides benefits like providing them information and technique about the products they are using. People can normally reach them by emailing them or calling them on the Toll-free number. They can ask about how to use or operate the items with their representatives. You can also get the various latest offers and discounts that the company launches, just by reaching the customer care.

To resolve your issue:

If you are already using any of the product made by whirlpool and your product has some technical problem or it does not work well then you can lodge a complaint about the product on the customer care just by dialing the Toll-free number. Whirlpool customer care will make sure that they will resolve your problem as soon as possible. The Toll-free number of Whirlpool is 1800-208-1800 and you can email them at helpdeskindia@whirlpool.com.

To provide suggestion or Feedback:

You can call them or email if you want to give them any feedback about the product by telling them what they are doing good and for what they have to improvise more. You can suggest them if you have some valid suggestions regarding their product by calling them or by directly reaching them on customer service centers.


Customer care is an essential part of any manufacturing firm because many times customers cannot deal with the items or they get some products with flaws, so they need a medium to raise their voice to thecompany to solve their issue. Whirlpool also has a great customer support service which is available 24/7 throughout the week.

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